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Recognition Request

Recognition requests should be submitted at least ten business days prior to the day of your event in order to receive recognition. Please fill out this form in as much detail as possible

Please review the following guidelines before submitting your request.

Proclamations from the City of North Miami are ceremonial documents used to recognize special occasions and/or outstanding accomplishments in the lives of North Miami citizens.

Proclamations are signed by the mayor and issued for:
· Extraordinary achievements by city residents, community leaders, or businesses
· Causes that raise public awareness
· Charitable fundraising campaigns
· Special honors (on the recommendation of the mayor or chief of staff)

Proclamations will not be issued for:
· Matters of political controversy, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual conviction.
· Events or organizations with no direct relationship to the City of North Miami
· Campaigns or events contrary to City of North Miami policies.

Guidelines for proclamations:
· The mayor reserves the right to modify or deny any proclamation request.
· Requests must be made by a City of North Miami resident, or a business based within the City of North Miami city limits. 
· An organization may request only one proclamation annually. 
· A person shall not request a proclamation on their behalf.
· A letter of recognition is an alternative where proclamation criteria are not met.

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